Melissa Feineman


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melissa-hoop.pngWelcome to Thanks for stopping by!

Who I am
I’m a freelance writer and editor based in San Francisco.
Some of my favorite topics include relationships and dating,
vegan/vegetarian food and cooking, travel, and anything Japan-related.

A brief note about the layout of this website
If you’d like to see some samples of my work, you have two options.
Check out the “Read me!” section for links to past articles.
They’re organized by publication/website, so just peruse the list
for whatever sounds provocative and/or intriguing to you and click on over.
If you prefer style over volume, check out the “Articles” section,
where you can see some images of my pieces as they appeared in print.

Get in touch
Have a question? Want to hire me for a freelance project? Just want to send me
free stuff because you think I’m awesome?
Get in touch by sending an email to melissa AT melissafeineman DOT com